Fear Vs Faith​

Fear VS Faith The success factor in employeesThe most neglected part of employeesThe motivation to do more and achieve moreWhat role faith has in an organizational growthWhat is more “Fear” or “Faith” in an organizationHow can Faith kill fear in an organizationYour mechanism to kill fearGo getters Vs stay receivers

HR Management

HR Management HR as a profession not an industryChange agents and MessengersUnderstanding the complexities of HR professionBridging the staff and management gapPutting your foot down and standing on itBeing a growth partnerHandling people and understanding their behavioursForced respect vs willing respectOpen doors – but how muchArticulate change and…………..run through it too.Grace, honour and power – […]

Security of Job

Job Security Do you want a secure jobIs your job secure in the organizationWhat are the key factors for a secured jobWhat an organization wants in return to secure your jobWhat are the key areas of job securityThe exclusive and inclusive motivators for job securityThe success code in organizationsThe benefits to organization when you job […]

Personal and Professional Management ​

Personal Management Management of Personal goals at work and lifeWhen does self actualization starts happening in lifeFinding your “WIIIFM” (What is in it for me)Shaking your belief to turn the failure into successAre personal goals aligned with professional goalsOrganizational benefits through spiritual enlightenment Alignment of achievements in office, home and lifeBeing the most spirited employee […]

Decision Making and Managing Priorities

Decision Making Do you lack the power of decision makingAre you clear about the pros and cons of the decisions you makeDo you know why are you making a decisionDo you want to avoid the impulsive decision makingAre you clear about the methodology of decision makingWhat should I do to make the most of the […]

Vision is Victory – Values are the Way

Vision Is Victory- Values Are The Way Why a vision is importantThe images of visionRole of values in organizational developmentCreating a powerful vision for your company and your selfThe reality of vision in the development of an organizationThe synergy between personal vision and organizational visionThe top values and how to identify your own valuesThe spiritual […]

Team Building

Team Building Paradigm shift (from I attitude to we attitude)Team Building and team managementSynergy development within team (connecting with people)Openness and sharing attitudeEffective communication and use of positive wordsTrust development and demonstration of trustResult OrientationDevelopment of win-win attitude

Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills The basics of supervisory roleThe control vs influenceTechniques to get resultsUnderstanding the behaviours Implications of different behavioural and personality types on workThe communication standards of a supervisorSupervisor as a counsellor, coach and mentorUpholding the values of the organization and role of supervisor

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills This program can be from a one day to two days duration. For a customised program for your organization Please write to info@abundance.com.pk . All our programs come with a package of three months follow up and commitment with the participants to help them complete their Action plan of three months as a […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing in an organization or a group or between two individuals. Constant conflict, however, can weaken trust and erode relationships, obscuring a sense of common mission and making collaboration difficult. From an HR perspective, it can decrease employee productivity, morale, engagement, and retention. From an organizational point […]