“Grow Out” of your Shoes

Grow out of your Shoes   During my training and coaching sessions with my clients, a number of times, a frustrating comment or question is shared by one or more participants. This comments, in fact comes forward when they listen to different processes and techniques for personal and professional growth and enhancing their productivity. The […]

Ethical and Legal Paradigm

Ethical & Legal Paradigm The journey towards the Ideal   We inevitably are faced with Ethical and Legal barriers regularly. We have to make a choice if we will navigate through them, surrender to them or do not bother to consider any of them and walk over them. My objective, is not to answer any […]

Confidence Vs Competence

Confidance VS Competance The “Can do” Myth VS “Would do” reality The debate about Confidence or Competence, apparently, is not new. However, we seem to get lost in translation time and again. While, both are essential, but what precedes the other remains shrouded as much in the results we get, as in the  explanations we […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence This program can be from a 3 hour duration to one day program. For a customised program for your organization Please write to info@abundance.com.pk . All our programs come with a package of three months follow up and commitment with the participants to help them complete their Action plan of three months as […]