Abundance Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility by Abundance):

Abundance Foundation is a People and Social Development Project of Abundance Business and Consulting. Living up to the name Abundance, we believe that there is much in the world for every one and by sharing we do not but just increase what we have. As it is said in Quran

“Verily thy lord doth provide sustenance in abundance for whom he pleaseth and He provideth in a just measure. For He doth know and regard His servants”. (17:30)

Free Lectures and Programs: Through Abundance Foundation we provide free lectures and programs on personal and social development topics. These programs can be arranged at any not for profit organization including universities, educational institute and/or organizations. We also provide these programs for profit organizations with a shorter duration.

Abundance Foundation also works in the following areas of development.

  • Education for children
  • Help and assistance for psychiatric patients
  • Help and assistance for the elderly
  • Support groups for families in need for physical, emotional and mental treatments
  • Book clubs for enhancing reading habits in children, youth and adults.
  • Food support for labouring and less privileged people
  • Adult literacy programs
  • Skill building programs for enhancing earning capacity of men and women, who otherwise do not have much support and resources.
  • Help in starting of new businesses and cottage industries

Children’s and Teenagers Life Skills Building

The demands of the changing world have put an enormous pressure over the current and future generations to get ready before jumping into the real world. The real world is fast, demanding and full of surprises. When we step into the real world, there are not as many areas of work as there are people. So, one has to get into the same work as nearly everyone else. This not only increases a competition for space, but also generates a fight for survival. However, those who have skills and the capacity to endure the pressure, steam through the test. There are, unfortunately, not many who have those skills and capacities. Our children need to learn those skills and develop capacities. These skills compliment the world of academics and prepare the child for the real world. These are called Life Skills, and we help children of employees to learn these life skills and get engaged with life.

At Abundance, we provide the next generation with opportunities to develop themselves and to learn these life skills. There are many programs under this life skills initiative that can be taken up by organizations (for children of their staff) and by individuals to provide skills to their children that could help them in their practical life.  

What the children learn (Age group 6 – 12)

  • Communication and presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Basic Manners
  • Ethics
  • Team work
  • Focus
  • Enhancing Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Values
  • Passion
  • Book reading
  • Stories of Prophets
  • Story telling
  • Science experiments (to create analytical and hands on skills)
  • and food to eat/eating habits. (these are basic ideas however, depending upon the children needs and parents choices more can be added).

What the Teenagers learn (Age group 13 – 19 Boys only)

  • Communication and presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Focus
  • Time Management and Stress
  • Personal Values
  • Passion
  • Career Interest and Personal Choices
  • Personal Grooming
  • Creativity and Problem Solving

Any Professional Fee charged from these programs goes on to fuel our service to families who cannot afford to buy books and uniforms for their school going children.