HR Policy Making  

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HR policy and procedural manual is the corner stone of any organization. How the organisational culture be formed is highly depended upon the quality, content and the tone of HR policies and procedures.

The HR policy manual can be a source of motivation or de-motivation for both the staff and management. If it is not aligned with the best regional and global

practices it can create misalignment with the goals of any enterprise and may not have enough strength to absorb the shocks given by the changing corporate, business and legal environment.

For organization it is a tool for management to attracting, retaining and growing the best talent, providing a sense of discipline and justice across the board and for staff this document serves to shape their career aspirations into meaningful reality. In this program we will cover all key areas of employee’s life cycle in an organization and how a policy manual can serve the purpose of organization’s growth keeping in view the unique needs of people and organizations.

Expected Outline of the program:

 The process of making the HR and organizational policies

⚫ What to add and what to delete

⚫ What is so special about making the policies

⚫ Who are the stakeholders?

⚫ Clauses and references in the policies

⚫ Making policies for a new organization

⚫ Introducing new policies for an old organization.

⚫ Local laws and organizational policies.

⚫ Making implementable policies

⚫ Changing the organisational culture through policy formulation.