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This program can be from a 3 hour duration to one day program. For a customised program for your organization Please write to info@abundance.com.pk . All our programs come with a package of three months follow up and commitment with the participants to help them complete their Action plan of three months as a result of the program. So hook up for a substantial change.

#Course TitleBrief outline
1Communication SkillsNecessity and importance of communication skills. Role of communication in personal and professional lives.Communicate effectively with peers, supervisors, subordinates and family.   
2Professional/workplace EthicsLearn the basics of workplace routineDo’s and don’ts of workplaceUnderstand the professional behavior at the workplace
3Knowing SelfWho are you and what you are made forHow to perform well in your job and in your relations when you know yourself betterKnow your strengths and weaknesses
4Personal GroomingHow to dress for the workplaceHow to manage your personal hygiene How to create effective and professional look suited for the workplace
5Developing Personal ValuesHow having personal values enhance your personal growth. Why knowing values is importantCreating a positive change by knowing what you Want in life
6Positive ThinkingHow positive thinking changes your lifeHow to become positive thinkerCost of negative thinking
7Team workHow to work in teams Why team work gets you more and takes you furtherWhat role in a team you can take
8Stress ManagementHow to manage selfHow stress takes best out of youHow to reduce stress
9Learning to LearnWhy learning is importantWhat and how to learn Creating a WANT to learn in self
10Self Motivation TechniquesHow to keep oneself motivatedWhy our motivation goes down and how to enhance it  The environmental factors in our personal motivation
11DiversityHow diversity benefits meHow I am a part of the diverse environment and surroundingWhat is so special about me
12Handling Difficult PeopleTypes of People Knowing people and knowing how to reactWhy people behave in certain situations and what to do about it
13Personal Organizing Skills   What is personal organization How organizing self can enhance your personal worthTools for personal organizing
14Time ManagementWhy time is importantTechniques to manage timeTime and personal management
15Presentation SkillsHow to build speaking skills Confidence Developing Presentations and minimizing the fear of speaking in front of a crowd
16How to show Peak PerformanceKnowing traits of highly successful peopleUnderstanding the tools of showing high performancePsychology of peak performance
17Improving Family RelationsHow to spend quality time with family and not just quantity of timeDeveloping family bondsGetting support from your family in your work
18Problem solving and decision makingHow to know and solve problemsCreative thinking in problem solvingHow to know what decisions can be made
19Social SkillsWhat social skills are important for us to know and learnSkills of Networking, attending a meeting/function, performing a duty, living in a community, talking to strange people.Marketing yourself effectively to enhance your personal worth
20Health MattersHow to maintain a healthy life styleHealthy eating and healthy routineLess is more