The Emotional Intelligence & IQ Conundrum

Since the publication or revelation of Emotional Intelligence process and book by Danial Golman, world embarked on a twisted journey of knowing, understanding and importantly teaching others the tricks of Emotional Intelligence. In some cases those who teach the EI somehow has difficulty in practicing the same.

That said, i am sure the knowledge, understanding and teaching of Emotional Intelligence has produced some good results, though it would keep revealing it self, as happens in many such studies and cases.

However at the same time, while we have gone way ahead in trying to understand the Emotions, somehow, i feel we have left way behind in the IQ……even just the general IQ.

Just for example take a look at the pictures above. You must have seen many such advertisements and pictures, where those in picture want us to focus on the thing they want to sell by pointing a finger towards it, so that we do not focus on them or anything else.

I mean, seriously, when did we lost the way of not focusing on the thing just in front of us (in the advertisements). Just a simple IQ can do it. Earlier, we already knew that if this is an advert of a soap we have to focus on the soap and not the lady (but we did somehow), when it was the advertisement of a mobile we have to focus on the mobile not the person selling the mobile. Or is it that we have completely lost our focus of attention OR is this a debilitate attempt to let us know that “the person is not important and the thing is” ……anyway……. i think we have lost track over the years and too much of Emotional Intelligence has even somehow fogged a very general level of IQ. Keep a minimum level of IQ please.

(this is a satirical piece and not to be taken VERY seriously)

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