There is something mysterious behind online sharing – When people share they attempt to kill two birds or even more with one stone

By Umer Raza

When I observe the online material and sharing from my or other’s contacts, I get a feel that I am surrounded by and am in the company of the most intellectual, successful, creative, caring and sympathetic personalities. Then why I am not all this as, I read somewhere you are what kind of company you have. Don’t be a cynic Dude. This is true, people are learning, sharing and sensitive to help each other and also adamant in letting others know how they can help. Indeed this is a brave new world of online celebrities.

There are YouTube videos invariably on every topic, quotations and sayings “on” and “by” everyone. This will be unjust not to mention here the training photos by a trainer who just concluded a training program and now wants “all” to know this and that he wants more “business”. It will also be unjust not to mention a seller having a meeting in his office or at the client’s office and wishes all his other prospects (and also those who rejected him) to know that “look I am doing business with other clients and you have missed me” OR to his/her competition “look I am meeting another client”.  By the way there is hardly any post by the client sharing the same energy and enthusiasm after the program or meeting as of the trainer or seller himself.

When I see all this, I wonder if there is a mediocrity syndrome seeping into us. While sharing the material online, there is hardly any original work, creativity or intellectuality of the sharer him/herself. All such shares, give a feel that they are telling something to someone. No, not the spying kind of a thing, but they are telling someone that sounds like …..see you thought I will be dead without you, I am still living and happy…… See I am successful,…… See…. I know more than you do….See… how the world is changing and you have not changed yet…..See…I told you so. However, I want to be wrong at it and I should be wrong.

Anyway here are some of the interesting meanings I get from the social media feeds. The “bold” in the text below is what I understand about the situation, when one shares the online material, and the next explanation in “Itaics” below is how I read that share from the person. Here is a disclaimer too… any relevance to any one or any event will be incidental and regretted. More apt may be to consider this piece of writing as a “social media satire”.

·     When a person gets appreciated in his/her JOB: See if I can be appreciated by my current company and boss, you can also buy me for a better price.

·     When a person gets a new online degree from home: Here I got a new certification on line. I am now more qualified than many on the LinkedIn. I am more certified.  Now I can get better job than what I am doing now.

·     When a person gets YET another new online degree from home: Here I got yet another certification. You cannot beat me in this. My Name is now shorter than the ABCs in my degrees and certifications. I can be bought now if you offer me a good price.

·     When someone wants to teach someone a lesson indirectly: This is a beautiful quote I read today and I want you to know this. I wish you could practice this. Doesn’t matter if I have any idea what it says and ever practiced this myself.

·     When someone wants to teach someone a lesson indirectly with more authenticity:This is a wonderful Quranic Aya, I just came across, read this and practice this. Doesn’t matter if I have ever practiced this.

·     When someone wants to reinforce at someone the indirect lesson and teach Islam with more authenticity: This is another of a beautiful Hadith from our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Read this and get some understanding of Islam. Doesn’t matter if I have true understanding of it.

·     When someone wants to market oneself aka sell oneself: Here you go with my latest photos and videos of another training session I conducted for the staff of a company. They were so happy and motivated that I couldn’t just resist sharing this online. Hope you will call me to get a training session from me.

·     When some one wants to let others know one’s intellectuality: Here I am quoting a beautiful verse from Iqbal’s poetry with my photo. Can you not see I am a living example of his poetry.

·     When someone wants to let others know that he is powerful and moves in elite circles of the society: See this selfi, this great celebrity is my friend. I know big shots….do you?. I am, befriended by Celebrities/leaders/business icons and nothing less. You should do business with me.

·     When a person consistently shares photos of family trips and events: I was divorced few years ago, but see I am happy with my new spouse and life. Did you see……..you … my ex spouse and in laws……you made a mistake.

OR you thought I will not be happy without you or my married life will be a failure, here…. see me and my family enjoying life.

·     When any one consistently shares pictures of travel around the world or at hill stations:

A) You rejected my love but here I am happily married to another person/lady and having fun and wondering the world over. It could have been you with me having this fun…..you are a loser. 

B) See I am so successful that I am moving around the world, this is what success means.   

·     When someone wants to tell people to just listen to him what may come: I am a motivational speaker and management consultant, but I can speak on COVID related health issues as well. So listen to me and follow what I said in this quick video message

·     When someone doesn’t have a job: Hay there I am a motivational speaker, a Life Coach a career counsellor and a corporate trainer. My introduction at least says this, though i could not get a job for myself so far.

·     When someone wants to just grab attention of people and even earn from YouTube:

·     A) I have something to say that no one else can say better then me so see this video in which I am explaining this complex creature i.e. the Human. Please Like, Subscribe and Share my video.

·     B) I am all that you need in one you will never find better human being than I am…..Like subscribe and share.

·     C) Now I am intellectual enough, poetic enough, learned enough, qualified enough to have my own quote, so here is a saying by “me”. “Read, like, subscribe and share” Umer Raza.

·     Please do not forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE: These YouTube people are pretty smart bunch of guys, they want me to get 1000 subscribers before I could qualify to earn from them. I do not have any other work so Please Please it doesn’t matter if you listen to my videos or not…just subscribe and help me earn from home. 

(This is a piece of satire)