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About Umer Raza Bhutta


He is Qualified Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) UK and Qualified Senior Certified Professional (SCP) SHRM (USA). He is authorized Instructor in Pakistan for SHRM (USA) SCP and CP certifications and Qualified ISO 30414 Lead Consultant/Assessor/Practitioner. He is also an International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) member and trained Executive Coach.

During his professional and industry career spanning over 25 years, he served as head of HR for industry leaders in their respective industries, including Crescent Bahuman Ltd. (Textiles), Faisalabad Serena Hotel & Islamabad Serena Hotel (Hospitality) and Transworld Associates (Telecom)

Currently as CEO of Abundance Consulting he provides training, consulting, coaching and executive search services to a number of national, multinational, public and donor funded organizations.

He is also author of three books.

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