Abundance Business & Consulting

First Company In Pakistan Accredited by "International Coaching Federation"
As The Continuing Coach Education Provider

Abundance is a combination of skilled, qualified, experienced, and willing professionals who have accomplishments in their own chosen fields. All of these professionals, during their work, have had exposure to the best of learning and training. These professionals have also worked selflessly in their professions while providing their best services to their respective organizations. They have also taken time out for not only their own CPD (Continuous Professional Development) but also for their social obligations. Through Abundance, these professionals are on a single platform to enhance their social contribution and to enrich the lives of the people around them. 

Corporate Organization

Abundance has a corporate wing that works in the field of  education,
training and health. We provide advisory and consulting services to the
corporate organizations, welfare organizations and public sector entities.
Our people are committed to commit only that which we can provide as a
service to the organizations and have the heart to say NO to the service
request that falls outside the domain of our service.

Our Mission

Abundance Consulting endeavors to coach, build and enrich the potential of Human Resources and Institutions by providing them globallyrecognized, professionally sound and ethically integral personal and professional development opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most sought after coaching and transformative institution globally within a decade

Our Learning Philosophy Guiding
Our Programs & Services​

When one looks down on the earth, one sees a limited amount of space. When one heads up and looks at the sky, one’s vision transcends limitless horizons. Abundance is looking up and expanding the vision. It is not looking down and narrowing the scope. When we look down it is in humbleness. When we look up it is not in defiance but in appreciation of the immensity of the universe. Abundance in thinking helps to create the physical manifestation of the enormity (created by Allah) of love and respect, appreciation and gratitude, creativity and possibilities, positive thinking and behaviors, forgiveness and sharing, service and facilitation, food and physical and natural resources, lots of smiles and resultant good will.

Our learning Philosophy is based on this enriching concept of the creator of this universe, who has provided for us profusely i.e. in ABUNDANCE. Abundance thrives on the concept of plenty and negates scarcity. At Abundance our learning opportunities believe that there is enough for everyone in the universe and there is no scarcity of resources, knowledge and potential. It is only the human’s inability to understand, channelize and put to use the resources, knowledge and potential that are provided by Allah. Abundance is the name taken from the Quranic Surah of the same name “the Abundance” (Sura Al Kawthar). The learning philosophy is thus called “Abundance”.   

Our Learning Programs

Our learning programs while guided by our mission and vision are designed according to the needs of our clients (individuals as well as corporations). We do not only deliver strategic consulting, coaching and learning sessions but also hand hold our participants and companies by helping them to design their own Action plans and follow upon those action items to achieve better results and bring forward a better version of self and the team. learn More About Programs