Behavioral Interviewing

This program can be from a 4 hour duration to one day program. For a customised program for your organization Please write to info@abundance.com.pk . All our programs come with a package of three months follow up and commitment with the participants to help them complete their Action plan of three months as a result of the program. So hook up for a substantial change.

Developing Interviewing and Recruitment Process in Organization

More and more organizations are faced with the challenge of maximizing the time they spend attracting, inspiring and retaining top performers and right fit for their organizations. An engaging recruitment process in any organization helps to select the right fit, but a flawed recruitment process not only costs the company in terms of bad hire but also hits at the root of employer brand. This training shall help participants to evaluate their current practices and also to learn techniques that will help them to move closer to find the right fit for the job by enhancing the EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

Interview, itself though just one part of the selection process, but is a critical step in the employee selection process. All managers in the organizations conduct interviews throughout their career, and try to select the best candidate based on their own experience of the role, without having any formal training to do so. In this program they will step towards learning the nuts and bolts of interviewing.

Quoting Dr. Paul Green, a pioneer in developing behavioral interviewing processes: “past actions predict future performance.” Behavioral interviewing focuses on the applicant’s past actions and behaviors, and not subjective impressions that can sometimes be misleading. This type of interviewing improves organization’s overall hiring ROI (cost of hire or re‐hire, training and productivity costs, impact on morale, etc.) and brings competitive edge in today’s market. It also reduces risk in potential bias and is more legally defensible than any other type of interview and recruitment process. The program shall cover what Behavioral Interviews are and how to conduct these, while sharing some practice questions for Behavioral interviewing.

Suggested Contents of the program

  • Planning the hiring process
  • Branding the Organization through hiring practices and Interviewing process
  • Strategies and styles for Effective hiring practice
  • What happens before and after the interview and selection
  • Techniques for opening and conduct for interview
  • Looking at the sync of values and Behaviors
  • Asking the right questions to get the answers
  • Suitable questions to get the behavioural indication
  • Knowing different types of biases during interviews and how to avoid these
  • Different types of questions for different roles
  • Closing the interview
  • Selecting the candidate
  • Processes after the interview
  • Action plan for the participants

(these are suggested contents and may change after evaluating the need of participants and client)