Presentation Skills

This program can be from a one day to two days duration. For a customised program for your organization Please write to info@abundance.com.pk . All our programs come with a package of three months follow up and commitment with the participants to help them complete their Action plan of three months as a result of the program. So hook up for a substantial change.

At some time or other, most of us have to make a presentation of some sort. Speaking to an audience is what a presentation is, in its basic sense. Who that audience is and how formal or informal the situation is, however, can vary.

This program aims to develop skills of the participants in making effective presentations to large or small audience and in, formal or informal situations.

Duration of the program:

Having the constraint of two hours for a session, we propose the following procedure.

Phase 1: 1(one) hour to have focus group discussion to understand current needs of the participants and their current ability to present. The trainer shall facilitate the session and participants shall brain storm few ideas and break the ice for have an impact full interaction later.

Phase 2: 2 hours session to cover basic content

Following content is just an outline and will change after Phase 1.

Expected Outline of the program:

  • When and how presentations are done
  • The First Impression and useful phrases
  • Developing Presentations and minimizing the fear of speaking in front of a crowd
  • Building communication skills
  • Confidence building
  • Choosing and Development of Subject on which to speak
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Useful phrases for outlining the talk
  • Organizing the ideas for presentation
  • Maintaining interest through effective delivery
  • Involving the audience
  • Dealing with problems and questions in presentations
  • Finishing the presentation effectively
  • Using technical gadgets and equipment in presentations
  • Using different communication patterns during presentation

Phase 3: 2 hours

  • The participants shall be given opportunity to deliver the presentations based on their acquired learning