Our Coaching & Training Programs

Emotional Intelligence

Define Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Identify the benefits of having higher emotional intelligence

Self Motivation

Almost half a century after motivational theories were embraced by academics, professionals and public generally,

Goal Setting

Every person’s life depends on the process of choosing goals to pursue; if you remain passive

Coach Education Program

  • Abundance Business and Consulting is the FIRST and currently the ONLY organization in Pakistan to offer International Coaching Federation accredited program. Those who wish to gain 20 contract hours can register to our program and gain the benefit of their continuing coaching education.
  • In this section we have listed few of the training programs of Abundance Business & Consulting (ABC) in regard to Coaching and Training.
  • ABC has complete procedure and system in place to help you and your organization to gain coaching education and gain training on subjects that would lead you to become a coach and/or adopt coaching as a profession.
  • These training programs can be customised to the needs of your organisation while helping you to gain higher human resource productivity.
  • Following is a list of programs that ABC offers for individuals and group in terms of Training and Coaching
  • List of Training Programs : All these Programs are customised according to the needs of the participating groups. For details of the these programs including duration and pricing please contact info@abundance.com.pk or 0300 8523901


Presentation Skills

This program aims to develop skills of the participants in making effective presentations to large or small audience and in,

Supervisory Skills

The basics of supervisory role The control vs influence Techniques to get results Understanding the behaviours Implications of different

Personal and Professional Management

Management of Personal goals at work and life When does self actualization starts happening in life Finding your “WIIIFM” (What is in it for me) Shaking your belief to turn the

Decision Making and Managing Priorities

Do you lack the power of decision making Are you clear about the pros and cons of the decisions you make Do you know why are you making a decision Do you want to avoid the impulsive


Time & Stress Management

Get the most value from every hour at work Work to tight deadlines Techniques for managing self and managing stress

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing in an organization or a group or between two individuals. Constant conflict

Team Building

Paradigm shift (from I attitude to we attitude) Team Building and team management Synergy development within team

Vision is Victory – Values are the Way

Why a vision is important The images of vision Role of values in organizational development Creating a powerful vision for your company and your self

Security of Job

Do you want a secure job Is your job secure in the organization What are the key factors for a secured job What an organization wants in return to secure your job What are the key areas of job security

HR Management

HR as a profession not an industry Change agents and Messengers Understanding the complexities of HR profession Bridging the staff and management gap Putting your foot down and

Fear Vs Faith

The success factor in employees The most neglected part of employees The motivation to do more and achieve more What role faith has in an organizational growth

Need Results – Not Excuses

What are excuses and how these heart your chances of success What is the bottom line and why it is important The psychology of winning Higher the results, higher the self esteem

Policy Making In Organizations

The process of making the organizational policies What to add and what to delete What is so special about making the policies Who are the stakeholders Why are the stakeholders important Clauses

Be Disciplined or Become a Disciple

Do you make choices of your career or anyone else does Taking charge of your career and work How can I make myself disciplined Making the most of the work opportunities around Having a high self esteem at