Self Motivation

This program can be from a 3 hour duration to one day program. For a customised program for your organization Please write to info@abundance.com.pk . All our programs come with a package of three months follow up and commitment with the participants to help them complete their Action plan of three months as a result of the program. So hook up for a substantial change.

Almost half a century after motivational theories were embraced by academics, professionals and public generally, still motivation is lacking in many people today. This means that people are still sabotaging and limiting themselves when it comes to the things that are most important in their lives. This self limitation and sabotaging is a result of many uncontrollable and controllable factors. While we need to accept uncontrollable factors, we can do something about the controllable ones’.

Mastering Self-Motivation program will provide helpful suggestions, techniques and guidelines to follow what you need to do today to begin living a better today and tomorrow. It will help in understanding the controllable factors and proactively making decisions to change oneself. The program shall also offer inspirational stories coupled with solutions that can empower you to achieve personal excellence. For mid level executives it is even more essential to master their self motivation as they need to operationalize the work process and organizational strategies. Through their self motivation the success and failure of corporate strategy and sustainability of the organization is connected.

Expected Outline of the program:

  • What motivation does and what it does not do
  • Elements that stop one from being motivated
  • Controllable and uncontrollable factors
  • The challenges of overcoming the obstacles to motivation
  • Work life Balance its process and how to achieve it
  • Life wheel and how to keep it in shape
  • What stress does to us and how to manage it productively
  • Personal Excellence and its role in self motivation
  • Your Walk and action towards personal excellence
  • Role of our personality in self motivation and how to improve it
  • Role of our environment in our motivation and how to deal with it
  • Role of our company in our motivation and how to manage it
  • The missing link in one’s motivation and how one can cover the link
  • Impact of lack of motivation on our well being
  • Making self motivation sustainable
  • At the end of program each participant shall make a personal Action plan